New Projects and Help Needed!

I’ll announce about the new projects first because I know some of you are pretty excited about them ;D

We’ve actually got three new projects, but one of them’s already announced at the Halloween release. As if we could resist a mystery Zero-Sum series? Haha! And Halloween al-the-time sure looks fun~

As for the other two:

  • Rengoku no Cartagra – Fans of Toxic and 12 Nin Yasashii Koroshiya Leo Murder Case will be absolutely delighted with Takahashi-sensei’s new series! It’s got something to do with demons, contracts, and battle royale. One of our allies mentioned it’s like a cross between Makai Ouji and Kuroshitsuji. Omari’s Sister’s got sneak peeks of the first chapter if you’re curious xD
  • Kamakura Deco & Kofu Life – Like many others, we were very sad upon hearing Mango Scans‘ closing ;_; Kamakura Decofu is one of their projects, and we’ve decided to pick it up xD Fans of the series should give huge thanks to former MS members, Yukihito and RinKashiKiku, for not letting this go. Alright, look forward to see its continuation here in TZA starting on chapter 5 ;D

Alright, now for some recruitment/begging time, ahahaha!

Well, we need almost every type of ally. I forgot to add one type of ally in the picture but oh never mind.

Anyway, please see the Active Projects, Future Projects, and JOIN page to know more of what we specifically need. You may also help out in other ways, and you could also refer to the FAQ section.

As for which types of scanlators we need really urgently right now (and for which project), here’s a quick summary:

    ~ Preferably those that know more than basic Japanese. Translation Checkers are pretty busy, and we don’t wanna burden them by almost translating the whole thing themselves.
    ~ Shiro Ari (Snow White & Alice) is the series project that needs a translator the most. The most we could translate is probably around chapter 7 or 8. We’ll wait until the end of November… or maybe end of December.
    ~ It would be great if there’ll be a translator volunteer for Izayakaku soon, so that we can finish it sooner.
    ~ We’ve got loads of oneshots without a translator. We can have more time for other projects if there’ll be someone who can handle the others.
    ~ We really lack in cleaners right now, and it’ll be great if we can lighten the load of cleaners with multiple projects.  If you don’t have that much time to clean the whole chapter/oneshot, but can do redraws, that would also be very helpful (Sometimes those are the only parts that hold us back =/)
    ~ Makai Ouji is in dire need of cleaners. We could’ve already caught up with the latest chapter if only we had them cleaned ^^;
    ~ Izayakaku also needs one, I don’t get the lack of love of our Zero-Sum projects =/
    ~ And maybe we’ll need a back-up for Rengoku no Cartagra and Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino
    ~ And of course, there are also loads of oneshots to clean
    ~ You’ve gotta have photoshop for this one, and won’t mind to expand your font collection. There’s so many to typeset, but the current typesetters have their hands full =/
    ~ Tenkyuugi and Conductor don’t have a stable typesetter =/
    ~ The new projects: Kamakura Deco & Kofu and Rengoku no Cartagra as well
    ~ And yes, there are also loads of oneshots to typeset
    ~ English doesn’t have to be your native language, but it’ll be great if you can adapt to different types of English (British, America, etc.). It’s a plus if you can read hiragana/katakana at least, but it’s really enough if you are observant and have sharp eyes.
    ~ I guess an additional proofreader to any of the projects would be wonderful. It is preferred that proofreaders like multiple series projects or is fine with proofreading oneshots. There’s so many to proofread, and proofreading doesn’t take much of your time.
    ~ Just create a PDF version of the release once the original (RAR) file is out (or before it’s out)
    ~ You don’t have to like a project to create a PDF file, ya know. So it would be better if you’re not very picky ^^;
    ~ This one’s more of a want than a need, ahahaha.
    ~ Well, it’ll be great if there’ll be an ally who could check the releases of the official volumes and spread the love. Also promotes other works of our projects’ mangaka xD

Thank you for the support, everyone! xD

(By the way, to those who are curious, the dude on the recruitment image is actually Alice from Shiro Ari, hehe :P)

Last Edited: 12/02/2012

7 Comments to “New Projects and Help Needed!”

  1. I’m keen to help with proofing (I may only know English, but I know it well) once my exams are over. Dx Two to go, then I’ll apply, promise!

  2. First thing that came to my mind: Kuroshitsuji (and there’s Makai Ouji too? Can’t believe it!).:D
    That Rengoku no Cartagra is going to be sooo great.n.=.n

  3. Having been a fan of Takahashi Ryo, my interest in checking out Rengoku no Cartagra is a given, so much so, I ended getting Comic Gene for the chapters. Hah, I wasn’t disappointed. If anyone have read Toxic, then you can expect some thrills, spills & lotsa blood… all that happened in the first 2 chapters. I’m so hooked!

  4. yesss you guys are picking up Rengoku no Cartagra \o/ excited!! would love to help if only I had the time and skills for it orz;;

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